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Resale Flats In Magarpatta – Enjoy The Benefits of City Life At Half the Cost

Magarpatta is a township, within the cosmopolitan western Indian city of Pune, that has rapidly seen lots of developments in the past few years. The locality has become home to a large number of Indian and International companies, especially in the IT/ IT Enabled Services (ITES) sectors. Simultaneously, many private developers have been involved in building and selling residential properties, mostly apartments in multi-story blocks. While many people who bought such apartments or flats would have done so for their own living, there are also many others, who would buy such properties as an investment. Such Resale Flats in Magarpatta are available in plenty, and if you happen to be one of those who are keen on buying such properties in Pune, specifically, the Magarpatta locality, will find this piece useful and informative.

The Background to the Locality

Like in the case of many such cities in India or anywhere else in the world, the city of Pune has also expanded its geographic borders by converting what were villages until some years ago. Here the government and the local bodies play a role. When the country grows, and the economy has to expand by creating more jobs for the educated unemployed, large corporate houses have to be attracted to invest and for that the necessary infrastructure, in terms of land and other facilities have to be allotted to them. On the other side, many families traditionally involved in agriculture might wish to switch to other trades and may sell their land. This is how new residential and commercial properties are developed. Magarpatta has followed the same pattern.

Availability of Resale Flats

Once properties develop and the first set of people start living there, most amenities and facilities come chasing. After all, everyone wants to get more business. So Magarpatta has seen a galaxy of restaurants, pubs, bars, retail outlets, departmental stores, entertainment avenues and other essential services like schools, hospitals and transport links.Magarpatta locality offers various choice of resale flats with sizes from 500sft to 4500 sft which is 1bhk to 5bhk with basic to super premium flats.

Since most flats were constructed not long ago, their quality of construction is excellent, the fixtures and finishing very modern and aspects like built in wardrobes, modular kitchens and balconies with stainless steel / glass railings have all become standard features in the properties. A whole section of people who invest in properties prefer to wait until the construction is complete, and the flats get occupied for some months. This way, the teething troubles and other bottlenecks are identified and solved. When you buy Resale Flats in Magarpatta, you are already sure that someone has already stayed there and corrected any defects. You will have no issues.

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